Hi, I am Bas!

I started exploring since the moment I learned to crawl.


Since I was a little boy I’ve been figuring out how things work, and I especially love technical things are build.

I broke my dad’s video recorder when I was 4, dismantled his calculator at the age of 5 and blew up my first computer when I turned 6.

Luckily nowadays, the things I learn about are no longer destroyed. Instead, I aim to improve the quality of the world around me.


At the age of 7, I discovered gaming, and since that moment my life was filled with beautiful digital experiences.

Monkey Island and Indiana Jones really ignited my enthusiasm for games, and as a nice by-product they taught me English.


I’ve been working in IT for 14 years and learned a great deal about testing, quality- and project management.

A couple of years ago I was honoured to join 365Gaming as a game journalist.

Every game I review for them brings a giant smile to my face.


Now I aim for that dream job.

One where I can put my passion for quality, my love for gaming and the lessons I’ve learned whilst exploring to good use.

A job that will bring a smile to the faces of many.


ConstructionUnder Construction!

I am currently knee deep in code to improve this website!

Unfortunately I got distracted by the GamesCom!


If you want to read up on the things I see there, check:

If you want to contact me, mail me at Bas.van@{this website}